Powerful Public Speaking is more about freeing up to be yourself in any situation, than technique. 

Hermine Zielinski bookingsOf course technique is important, however if you can’t negotiate the fear and be authentic, you will never have that edge that engaging and memorable public speakers have.

What does it take to transform your ability to speak in public quickly and easily?

CONFIDENCE – CLARITY – CONNECTION (Watch free video for more)

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“I used to crumble at the mere thought of Public Speaking, beforehand I would go through the whole lack of sleep and freak out, then while I spoke my mind went into static and my body into meltdown – whatever I did I simply could not say what I wanted to say.  The result was that I either avoided public speaking and stayed silent, missing many an opportunity or went through the ordeal, hating every moment.”

“Eventually this inability to speak in front of others nearly cost me my job and I realized enough was enough.  I needed to be able to speak in front of others, and I didn’t want to just ‘speak’ or ‘fake it’, I wanted to be real and engaging, the kind of speaker other people wanted to listen to.”

“Yet, when I sort help, I was taught lots of technique – valuable but useless when the fear took hold.  So I took it upon myself to understand, REALLY understand why we can’t speak or perform in front of others.  Essentially, I wanted to understand what prevents us from being ourselves in any situation.”

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Now a professional Public Speaker and Coach, Hermine  brings together a rare combination of expertise, insight into the nature of SELF and most importantly personal experience of what works and what doesn’t, so you can transform your Public Speaking quickly and simply.  Hermine is guaranteed to show you the secrets no-one else is teaching.

Hermine Zielinski bookingsWith a background in Corporate Management, many years traveling all over the world and research in the nature of SELF and how we express that out in the world, Hermine brings a rare combination of expertise, insight and most importantly personal experience to help you reconnect to who you are, and express that authenticity confidently and clearly. She is a personable, grounded and inspirational Public Speaking Coach, Facilitator, Speaker, Writer and Reconnective Healing Practitioner.

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“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Gandhi